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Fluff Love: Applecheeks Cloth Diapers and Accessories + Giveaway

I absolutely loved using cloth diapers with my kids. I had a great stash and loved seeing my babies big cloth diaper bums.

Applecheeks diapers have always been one of my favourite diaper brands. They are designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec. They come in a array of beautiful colours and are so easy to use.

We recently received two Microterry Little Bundles, one washable swim diaper and one Itzy Ritzy infinity breastfeeding scarf to test out.

Applecheeks Microterry Little Bundle

applecheeks diaper review

This bundle comes with everything you need to start cloth diapering. This set comes with one envelope cover and one absorbent insert. The little bundle is available in two size. Size 1 fits babies 7-20lbs, Size 2 fits babies 18-40lbs.

Applecheeks envelope covers are bright, the outer layer is made with PUL and the inner layer is made of a super soft microfleece. It’s very easy to stuff the diaper with an absorbent insert. The best part about Applecheeks diapers is that you do not need to unstuff them when throwing them in the wash. The insert will come out on it’s own during the wash cycle.

applecheek diaper review

The Applecheeks diapers we received are a great fit. The best part is that one Applecheeks diaper can be used an average of 260 times. That’s so many diapers saved from the landfill!

applecheeks diaper review

applecheeks diaper review

Applecheeks Washable Swim Diaper

I’ve used Applecheeks Washable Swim Diapers before and have always loved them! These colourful swim diapers have two layers of 100% quick drying polyester mesh. This allows water to move through the diaper while keeping solids out of the water.

applecheek swim diaper

The elastics on the legs are snug and these diapers are smooth enough to put under a bathing suit. These swim diapers are so cute, you could easily have baby wear them on their own!

We’ll be testing out our Applecheeks swim diaper in Hawaii during our spring vacation.

Itzy Ritzy Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf

This is a product every nursing mom needs! This beautiful scarf is stylish, not too thick and easy to use. The Itzy Ritzy scarf is a cotton and polyester jersey knit blend. It’s large size (it measures 34″ x 28″) provides all the coverage you need when nursing. This is a must have accessory for any nursing mom when they are out and about. I know it will come in handy during our upcoming flight!

Itze Ritzy nursing scarf

Itze Ritzy nursing scarf

There are lots of trendy patterns available for the Itzy Ritzy breastfeeding scarf.

Overall I am so pleased with our new Applecheeks products. This is a brand that I trust and will continue to recommend.

To learn more about Applecheeks diapers check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for up to date product information and more.


The team at Applecheeks wants you to experience their great products too! They are giving away one Microterry Bundle (in winner’s choice of colour and size) and one Itze Ritzy infinity breastfeeding scarf.

To enter, tell me which Applecheeks colour you would most like for your little one. Then enter the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway runs from Mar 7 – Mar 16, 2016. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Enter everyday! Giveaway open to Canadian residents. Void where prohibited. See my full terms & conditions for more giveaway info.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Lorrie Coleman

    The purple

  2. kathy downey

    The Applecheeks colour i would most like for my little one is Cherry Tomato

  3. nicky

    would love the Cherry Tomato – so lovely and bright!

  4. Sarah

    I think the appletini is a nice colour.

  5. Krista

    I would live the cherry tomato!!!

  6. aarone mawdsley

    cherry tomato

  7. derek

    Forgot me not – light blue looks nice.

  8. riley hayes

    Cherry tomato would be my choice if i won :)

  9. Shannon

    Lake Echo and Kiss n’ Teal are my favourite!

  10. sandra lebeau

    Kiss n teal, but I like them all

  11. Leah

    Hi! In love the kiss n teal colour… Or the suddenly royal :)

  12. Laurie P

    Forget Me Not has always been a favorite!

  13. Lucy


  14. jessica eapen

    Lemon Zest is the cutest color!

  15. Judy Cowan

    I am thinking Appletini since my friend doesn’t know what she is having yet.

  16. Cherin McKenzie

    Lemon Zest but they are all nice. What a neat idea.

  17. Nancy J Montgomery

    Appletini is pretty and good for a boy or a girl.

  18. Maria Vaiaso


  19. Priscilla

    cherry tomato all the way :)

  20. Jonnie

    I love the Lake Echo color!

  21. Holly

    I love To The Core!

  22. Laura Mayer

    I love the Lemon Zest or Cherry Tomato colours!

  23. Cathy

    Lemon Zest

  24. Tannis W

    I like the Prairie Sky color.

  25. Tiffany Rotulo

    Forget me not is a nice colour.

  26. Danielle Stephens

    Kiss n Teal

  27. Kari Vetter

    I would love Out of the Blue or Lemon Zest!

  28. Charissa


  29. Lee Dixon

    I like Kiss N Teal and St Lucia!

  30. Jasmine

    I would love a To the Core!

  31. April

    Kiss and teal!!

  32. Bianca

    All the colours. Kiss n teal

  33. Lauren Forbes

    I would love a wicked cover! Already have KnT and LOVE it!

  34. Andrea R

    I’d love either Wicked or Lake Retro.

  35. Megan Drane

    I’d love either Floyd or Cherry Tomato in a size 2 bundle!

  36. Alison

    I love Kiss n Teal!

  37. Kirsten

    I’d get Irrelephant or Kiss’n’teal!

  38. Nicole Doucet

    We are a exclusive AC household with my 16mo and a squish due in April. I love all the Applecheeks colours, but would love to try the new neon green colour called “Watt on Earth”

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and good luck on your flight (and vacation) to Hawaii!

  39. Sarah Baker

    I would like Kiss n Teal or Floyd!

  40. Ashley Smith

    Umm definitely Kiss N’ Teal or Appletini! I love the prints too.

  41. L.C.

    I would love figgylicious

  42. Lemon Zest or purple would be my choice. Thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  43. Steph S

    If I could choose a print, it’d be irrelephant – otherwise, kiss ‘n teal!

  44. Jen

    Teal! Love it!!

  45. Joyce Chia

    St. Lucia! :)

  46. Dianne Arsenault

    Kiss & Teal but they’re all really nice

  47. Kimm Coleman

    The Cherry tomato is gorgeous!

  48. Elaine Beierbach

    Lake Echo will suit

  49. Emily

    I really like the ‘kiss n’ teal’, very beautiful :)

  50. Jenny Weir

    I should say, though. That my choice for the giveaway would probably be Floyd in a size 1. Thank you so much for the opportunity. And we think the AppleCheeks cloth diapering system is great!!!

  51. Betty S

    Rasberry Sorbet would be my choice.

  52. Wendy Jensen

    I would choose the KISS N’ TEAL color, please and thank you.

  53. Lucy G.

    I love Forget Me Not!

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