Skechers Burst Ellipse

Get Active with New Skechers Burst Ellipse Shoes + Giveaway!

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased new running shoes. I’ve had my last pair for about two years and honestly thought they were still in great shape. That was until I received a new pair of Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes to test out.

My kids received Skechers shoes for back to school. I was so impressed with the quality of their shoes. I must admit, I was a little jealous of my son’s memory foam shoes. I really wanted to try a pair but rarely get out to go shopping for myself. That’s partly why I was so excited to received the Skechers Burst runners. They have a memory foam cushioned insole.

I tested out the shoes all last week and was so impressed with them.

{At the Gym}

I wore my Skechers Burst shoes to the gym a couple times, including my HITT class. I was very happy with their performance during my HITT class. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. It was easy to do jumping jacks, burpees and jumping lunges in my Skechers Bursts. I found that my feet slipped a little when I was planking but this wasn’t a deal breaker.

Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes

{On Hikes}

I go for many walks and hikes on trails with my family. I was very comfortable and happy with the performance of my Skechers Burst shoes on our walks. I was able to run after the kids, climb hills and had good grip when going down hill with the shoes.

Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes

Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes

{At Work}

I’m a school teacher so I’m on my feet all day. I wore my Skechers Burst to school on two occasions already and they were a dream. My feet or back did not hurt at the end of the day. I was so comfortable all day. I am planning on wearing my Skechers Burst shoes at work on a regular basis.

Skechers Burst shoes are fashionable, comfortable and lightweight. They come in 5 great colour combinations and are available in sizes 5 – 11.

Skechers Burst shoes have:

  • Unique flat knit mesh one piece fabric upper
  • Mesh features stabilizing and ventilating panel designs
  • Lace up athletic fashion comfort sneaker design
  • Interwoven contrast coloured side stripe designs
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole

I really love my new Skechers Burst shoes and highly recommend them. You can find them online and in stores now. Skechers Burst shoes retail for $100 CAD.

To learn more about Skechers shoes check out their website now. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product information and more.


Skechers Canada wants one of my readers to enjoy a pair of Skechers Burst shoes! They are giving away a pair of ladies Skechers Burst Shoes to one of my lucky readers. To enter, check out the Skechers Burst shoes on the Skechers website and tell me which colour combo you would most like. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway runs from Jan 26 – Feb 5, 2016. Giveaway open to Canadian residents. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Enter every day! Winner will be contacted by email once the giveaway has ended. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway rules. Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Danielle

    I like the black and white

  2. Wendy Jensen

    The color of Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes that I like are the ones that have more pink in them.

  3. My favorite is definitely black & pink!

  4. Ivy T

    I like the Skechers Burst Ellipse charcoal/pink colour the most.

  5. Melissa Bowers

    I like the white/multi.

  6. Andrea B.

    I love the Charcoal and Pink the most.

  7. Taylor Closet

    I love the White/Multi color.

  8. mousecat

    I really like the black and pink one!

  9. Lushka Smith

    I like the Navy/Multi

  10. Amy Heffernan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and black!

  11. BlessedTA


  12. Suzie m

    I like the Navy/Multi colored ones

  13. tanyab79

    Navy/Multi is my fave out of all of them followed by the black /white.

  14. I like the ones that you have!

  15. Esther Abel

    I love the black/pink pair They also seem so comfy for my old feet Xx

  16. Bailey Dexter

    I love them all, but I my fave is black and white!

  17. Jonnie

    I like the Black/White best

  18. Black/White would be best for me

  19. I really love the charcoal/pink combo

  20. Julie Bolduc

    I love the Charcoal and Pink the most!!

  21. angela m

    I love the black/white best

  22. jan

    the black/white

  23. Lawrence

    The purple/pink

  24. karen c


  25. I really love the charcoal and pink combo they would go perfectly with my “exercise” clothes and pretty much all my clothes!

  26. I like the Black/White

  27. Cyrille

    I’m liking the Navy/Multi

  28. christy sweeney

    I like the black and pink color combo

  29. Florence C

    I really like the Navy/Multi Skechers Burst Ellipse Shoes.

  30. ivy pluchinsky

    Love the black and pink ones!

  31. diana


  32. Kristeen Weaver


  33. vicki demunck

    Black and white

  34. Monica F.

    I prefer the charcoal/pink colour the most for a colour combination.

  35. Carolyn

    I love the Charcoal & Pink color :-)

  36. Shelley N

    today I am feeling like being more colourful so the black/pink is fun

  37. Yuen C

    I like the black and pink one the most!

  38. John C

    Like the Navy/Multi colored one

  39. lynn clayton

    Charcoal and Pink would be my fav

  40. Melinda Jana

    I love the charcoal/pink

  41. Gina Bergman

    Love black and white

  42. Margaret H

    I like the black and pink ,young and fun looking

  43. elaing8

    My favorite is the Navy/Multi

  44. Melinda

    I like the Navy/Multi!

  45. Lilly Wong

    I like the WOMEN’S ENERGY BURST in Black & White.

  46. Christina

    I like the black and white ones!

  47. Jenness M

    I like the black/pink!

  48. verica

    Charcoal/pink are nice

  49. Chris


  50. Judy Cowan

    I really like the black/pink ones. They look great!

  51. Elizabeth R

    I really like the black and pink!

  52. Brenda Penton

    I like the black/pink

  53. Janet M

    I like the Navy/Multi color.

  54. Belinda McNabb

    I like the black and white

  55. Elaine Beierbach

    I love my sketchers! Want more.

  56. Krista

    I like the black and white!

  57. Tammy Dalley

    I like the black and pink

  58. Wendy hutton

    I like the black and while ones

  59. Katharine W

    I like the charcoal and pink pair.

  60. Lynda Cook

    I like them all but I’m going with the Black/white!!

  61. Cassie Fancy

    I absolutely LOVE the Charcoal and pink

  62. Sarah Jackson

    I really like the Navy/Multi shoes

  63. Sue M

    I like the charcoal/pink ones.

  64. Burcu

    I love the black/white one

  65. Cheryl

    I like black pink most

  66. Jim

    My wife likes the Charcoal and Pink.

  67. Melissa Greco

    I like the Navy/Multi shoes

  68. Karen

    My faves are black and white

  69. Helen Boddy

    I love the black and pink

  70. Debbie White Beattie

    I like the White/Multi shoes because I prefer white shoes

  71. Donna L.

    I like the Charcoal and Pink colour

  72. Nicky

    love the charcoal!

  73. Lisa bolduc

    I absolutely love the white / multicolor ones but I think I would get them too dirty. I would have to go for the charcoal and pink pair then

  74. Silvia D

    I love the Charcoal and Pink

  75. Laura F.

    I like all the colour options of the Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes, but my favourite is the black/pink.

  76. missbobloblaw

    I love the Charcoal/Pink ones!

  77. sabina edwards

    I really like the black and pink ones

  78. Carole Dube

    I really like the colour of the one you have!

  79. Gord

    I would get the Women’s Energy Burst – Ellipse for my bestest buddy.

  80. Mandy

    I like the white/multi color combo.

  81. Jacqueline Y.

    It’s the Black/white for me

  82. Carolyn

    I like the white/multi

  83. Angela Massis

    I like the black and white Skechers

  84. Chris Stockford

    black and pink are cool ones!

  85. Darrah Bailey

    LOVE te white/multi

  86. Darren Scrubb

    I really like the Black and White shoes

  87. nicolthepickle

    I like the Charcoal and pink ones.

  88. Ali P

    I like the black/pink/orange!

  89. NatashaP

    I like the white/multi pair!

  90. Won Kim

    I like the black and white

  91. Catherine R.

    I love the Charcoal/Pink ones.

  92. I like the black/white and the navy/multi but I’m not sure which I like best.

  93. Nate Fuller

    My girlfriend would love the black and pink combo!

  94. Gillian Morgan

    I like the Charcoal/pink best.

  95. Brandee H

    I really like the Navy/Multi style.

  96. My favorite color is the black/white.They look amazing!

  97. Lori L.

    Charcoal/Pink is my favourite of all the colour choices – thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Jolie

    Love the black & pink :)

  99. Valerie Mallette

    I like the Black/White Skechers Burst Ellipse shoes the most.

  100. Travelbuds

    My favorite colour of Skechers Burst Ellipse is Navy/Multi

  101. Len

    I want the black/pink

  102. lisa neutel

    since pink is my fave colour i have to say charcoal/pink combo

  103. Krista M

    The Navy/Multi would look fabulous with a great pair of jeans! Love Skechers!

  104. Glogirl

    I like the Black/White combo.

  105. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I really like them all, apart from the white ones since they’d get dirty extremely quickly. The ones I like the best are the Navy/Multi ones :-)

  106. Jennifer L.

    I like the black/white ones best.

  107. Holly MacRitchie

    I really like the Charcoal/Pink

  108. Mary Jaglowitz

    It’s a tough choice but I think my first choice is white/multi. Hope they don’t get too dirty but they are bright and different.

  109. Catharine


  110. Athena

    I like the black and white ones

  111. heidi c.

    I love the charcoal and pink ones!

  112. Kelley Moore

    I love the ones with the pink in them. Pink is my favorite color!!!!

  113. Tina L.

    I like the Charcoal/Pink.

  114. Rebby

    I’d love Charcoal and Pink!

  115. Jasmine

    I like the charcoal and pink the best!

  116. Jasmine

    I like he charcoal and pink’

  117. Wayne S

    I like the black & white, but my wife would prefer the pink!

  118. Ivy T

    Charcoal/pink is my fave.

  119. kathy downey

    My favorite is the black & pink!

  120. jennie

    My fave is the Black and white.

  121. Logan M

    definitely like the charcoal and pink the best!

  122. Sara Rai

    I like the black and white one.

  123. Keri


  124. Maritess S

    I usually go with classic tone with a good burst of colour so I choose Black/Pink or Charcoal/Pink

  125. Soozle

    I like the Charcoal/Pink ones

  126. Jeannie

    I like the black and white.

  127. Tracy D

    Black and pink are fun!

  128. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I love the black and pink one

  129. Amber Y

    I like the black and white shoes as well as the navy/multy shoes.

  130. Carey Hurst

    Charcoal pink

  131. maria

    The black and pink combo

  132. Barb W

    I like the black and white!

  133. Amie

    I love the white /multi

  134. Jennifer Wilson

    I love the navy/multi Skechers Burst Ellipse.

  135. LisaM

    I like the navy/multi!

  136. Kelly H

    i like the navy/multi ones

  137. heather sibley

    I love the black/pink combo

  138. Eldon

    I like the black and pink ones

  139. Nicole Jubleew

    I love the Navy/Multi colour.

  140. Cass


  141. Toby

    I really like the charcoal/pink combo.

  142. loucheryl

    I love the Black/Pink shoes the most. :)

  143. Darlene Schuller

    I love the White-Multi.

  144. nicki f

    the charcoal/pink look great!

  145. Melissa Harris

    I would go Charcoal/Pink every time! Love pink shoes!

  146. nicola turner

    I love the black/pink combo, they are so cute!! Thanks for the chance to win a pair.

  147. Virginia

    I would love to win the charcoal/pink Sketchers. I haven’t been able to buy shoes in almost 2 years, after breaking my foot. I would so love these to replace the pair I have now!

  148. Karen Hrycuik

    I love the black and white!

  149. Hannah

    Charcoal and pink

  150. Angela Mitchell

    I like the Navy Multi shoes.

  151. sue f

    I like the pink and black my two favorite colors

  152. Andrea a

    love the black and white

  153. Jennifer P.

    I think the Navy/Multi is my favourite, although all of them are quite likeable!

  154. Elena

    I like the black and white shoes

  155. NickyJ

    I like the Navy/Multi colour option best

  156. Nicole B

    I love the black and pink ones!

  157. Vanessa Ethridge

    Black and pink please!

  158. Raechelle Wuolle

    I actually really need new work out shoes! Would love a pair of the charcoal and pink ones!!!

  159. Kimberly G

    I like the black/white ones.

  160. Viv Sluys

    I like the charcoal/pink ones and the black and pink ones. I’m not sure which ones I like better.

  161. Heather Howard

    I definitely like the charcoal / pink ones the best. Thank you so very much for the opportunity!

  162. Jodi m.

    I like the pink and charcoal shoes

  163. angela september

    I love the charcoal and pink combination the best.

  164. Karla Sceviour

    I love the navy/multi

  165. Tamara M

    I would choose any pair of blue Skechers because I its my fave colour!

  166. Christine D

    The black and white!

  167. alesha

    I like the Charcoal/Pink ones the most!

  168. Ivy T

    The charcoal/pink colour is my favourite.

  169. Kelly young

    I just love them stylin

  170. Andrea Troutman

    I think I like the charcoal/pink the best but the black/pink are a close second. I really like these shoes. I am overdue for a new pair of sneakers and since having knee surgery and now arthritis in that knee I need a good pair of shoes.

  171. jasna malobabic

    The pink and black

  172. Aarti M

    I like the charcoal and pink ones.

  173. I would have a hard time choosing between the black/white and charcoal/pink shoes

  174. stacey h

    i like the white/multi combo the best, these are really nice looking shoes

  175. I have a pair of their shoes now (different model) and they’re starting to wear. I’d love the charcoal/pink of these ones.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  176. Kim F

    The Navy/Multi is my favourite, but it I was just buying one pair I’d probably go with the black/white (goes with everything!)

  177. Tannis W

    I like the black and white colour combo.

  178. Yvonne14

    I love the black and pink combination. They are all great combinations.

  179. Maria McLachlan

    I think I would go with the Navy/Multi

  180. Doris H

    I like the pink and black the most.

  181. Raquel

    I love the black/white and the pink/charcoal. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  182. Linda

    I like the Navy/Multi shoes.

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