mini pops kids review

Groove On with Mini Pop Kids #giveaway

If you’re like me you are in the car a lot.

I drive my kids to school, to soccer, to skating, to Brownies. I feel like half my day is spent in the car.

I personally do not want to listen to kiddy music anymore. I’ve heard “The Wheels on the Bus” a few too many times. Like most parents, I like top 40 music and believe it or not – my kids do too!

What I do not love is the suggestive language often sung in top 40 hits. In enters Mini Pop Kids. 

Mini Pop Kids are a collection of CDs covering popular Top 40 songs. These songs are sung by Canadian kids. The CDs are fun and get everyone moving, dancing and singing along.

I was recently sent 3 of the newest Mini Pop Kids CDs. I was really excited because I used to listen to the Mini Pops when I was a kid. I knew my own kids would love this music. Some of the songs on the CDs we have include: Shake it Off, All About That Bass, Bang Bang, Cups, Wrecking Ball and Gangnam Style.

We started listening to the first CD a few weeks ago. My kids were thrilled to hear kids sing their favourite songs. They soon started hosting dance shows for my husband and I almost every night.

What I like about Mini Pop Kids CDs:

  • They sing Top 40 songs
  • Suggestive language is omitted from all songs
  • Kid voices are a draw to my kids
  • The variety of songs is superb
  • Each volume comes with 2 CDs
  • Entertaining for parents
  • All-Canadian performers

mini pops kids review

The Mini Pop Kids CDs are constantly playing in the background of my house. My kids always replay their favourites and absolutely love all the songs. I’ve also got a few CDs in the car since I’m driving my kids around so much.

There are currently 12 Mini Pop Kids CDs available. They range from $9.99 to $14.97. Mini Pop Kids CDs can be purchased online, on iTunes and at Walmart.

To learn more about Mini Pop Kids check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Enter to WIN a copy of Mini Pop Kids 12!

mini pops kids giveaway

To enter, check out the playlist on Mini Pop Kids 12 and leave a comment telling me which song you think your kids would love the most. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Giveaway runs from January 13 – January 23, 2015. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Amy Heffernan

    Just Give Me A Reason! My son knows ALL the words to that one!

  2. Marla

    Shake it off :)

  3. Darrah Bailey

    Bang Bang :)

  4. Jeannie

    All About that Bass

  5. Andrea B.

    Happy would be my kids favorite song. Video Killed the Radio Star would be mine! I remember that one from my Mini Pops record! Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Raechelle Wuolle

    My little lady would groove to all of them, but probably “Shake it Off” the most!!

  7. Jenn A

    Shake it off!

  8. Carey Hurst

    Al About that Bass we love that tune here.Cute contest I remember the Original Original Mini pops lol

  9. I think my daughter would probably like Video killed the radio Star, I know she already likes Let it go and All about the bass. She loves to dance.

  10. Judy Cowan

    Shake It Off!

  11. Carolle H

    It is Shake it off

  12. Lori W

    Shake it Off

  13. Nancy lafrance

    They love Taylor swift so shake it off!

  14. Kate Hearn

    Video killed the radio star! Love that song

  15. Tricia Hope

    Shake it Off is my grand babys’ newest fav.Thanks for the chance!

  16. caryn s

    My kids love the songs Let It Go and Happy from the playlist!

  17. Audrey Skinner

    My nephew would love Video Killed the Radio Star.

  18. nicki festejo

    We would be listening and dancing to shake it off.

  19. Amy C

    I think that they would like Shake It Off.

  20. Haylie Langwald

    Fireball is a favourite with the young uns!

  21. Lisa H

    My son will love Happy.

  22. Nate Fuller

    Shake it off is going to be their favorite!

  23. Katie

    Let it Go

  24. Julie G.

    They’d like Shake it Off.

  25. angela m

    My kids would love Gangnam Style

  26. billy

    Shake it off!

  27. Elena

    My son likes Shake It Off and my daughter would like Bang Bang

  28. Gina A

    3 of my daughters current fave songs are Shake It Off, Its All About That Bass and Let It Go – but I really hope she warms up to Video Killed The Radio Star :)

  29. Jonnie

    Shake It Off

  30. Silvia D

    i would say Shake It Off

  31. Pam

    My students just love gangham style.

  32. Anna W

    I think my kids like shake it off.

  33. GARRY S


  34. Alicia P

    This Is How We Do

  35. Victoria K

    They would love All About the Bass

  36. charityk

    i think they would like shake it off

  37. Lynda Cook

    My girls would like Rude, but then that could change I like them all myself!

  38. nikki robak

    shake it off

  39. aarone mawdsley

    Shake it off!

  40. Susan Patterson

    Shake it off is their favorite – thanks!

  41. Sean Pynaert

    shake it off

  42. Jennifer P.

    Never mind the kids, my favourite song would be Video Killed The Radio Star! :-) As for my kids, they would love Shake It Off and Let It Go the best.

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