Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Organized On the Go with New Bumbleride Diaper Bags #giveaway #mbsGG

I have to admit, I know a thing or two about diaper bags.

I remember when I had my daughter (6 years ago) I was anti diaper bag. I purchased a regular LARGE bag and called it my diaper bag. Big mistake. I could never find anything, my bottles were always MIA and I was constantly looking for diapers. Once I had my son, I figured out that a REAL diaper bag could be useful. I tested a few out and soon began to recognize what made a good and a not so good diaper bag.

Recently Bumbleride came out with new – pretty awesome – diaper bags. I was so excited to check out these bags. I love Bumbleride products.

I was extremely impressed when I received the diaper bag. I chose the bag in Lotus Blue and loved it right away. I could immediately tell that this bag was well made and that I would get a lot of use out of it.

{What I love about the new Bumbleride Diaper Bags}

  • Perfect size - 14″W x 11″H x 4.5″D (folded flap)
  • Lots of pockets (9 in all) including two bottle holders
  • It comes with a great cushioned change pad
  • It has magnetic closure (do you really want to wake up your baby with the terrible velcro noise?)
  • It’s made with durable eco-conscious fabric featuring recycled plastic (PET) and bamboo charcoal fiber (hello!)
  • It comes with stroller straps that fit onto my strollers
  • It also has a shoulder strap to make the bag messenger style
  • It is a well made, quality product

Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Bumbleride Diaper Bag

I really love all the pockets in this diaper bag. The two front pockets is where I’m keeping my diapers and wipes (they are the easiest to access). I put my cell phone in a zippered inside pocket. We’re using sippy cups now and they fit perfectly in the inside bottle holder pockets. I can fit lots of snacks, extra clothes and a few books inside the diaper bag.

I adore the stroller straps, especially when I’m using my Flite because it has a very small basket for stuff. The stroller straps have very heavy duty velcro and fit great on both my stroller handle bars. The bag sits so well on the stroller when I use the stroller straps.

Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Bumbleride Diaper Bag

Another thing that must be mentioned about this diaper bag is that it is a unisex design. Both mommy or daddy can carry this bag around and no one will think twice about it. (Yes, that means I’ll be making my husband carry this diaper bag around for a change).

The Bumbleride diaper bag makes my Holiday Gift Guide for so many reasons. Husbands! This diaper bag makes a great gift for your hard working partner! Mamas, this is the perfect gift for your girlfriend that  is expecting or just had a baby.

The Bumbleride diaper bag comes in eight colours and is very well priced. You can purchase it for $67.99 online and at approved Bumbleride retailers across Canada and the US.

To learn more about the new Bumbleride diaper bags click here. You can also follow Bumbleride on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest product information.


One lucky reader will WIN a new Bumbleride diaper bag in their choice of colour.

To enter, check out the Bumbleride website and tell me which of the eight colours you would most like.

Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Giveaway runs from Nov 25 – Dec 6, 2013. Winner must claim their prize within 24hrs of being emailed. If they do not, a new winner will be chosen. Please see my T&C for more giveaway info.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: A sample was provided for my review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and no monetary compensation took place.


  1. Darlene Schuller

    I would choose Aquamarine!

  2. victoria w.

    like the lotus blue

  3. lisa bolduc

    i love the aquamarine but the red would match my stroller

  4. Crystal

    I would choose red. It’s bright and vibrant and I would be giving this to my sister who is expecting her very first baby. They are leaving the sex a surprise so it would work well with either!

  5. Trish Roulston

    I like black, not too adventurous

  6. Amanda B

    Lotus blue

  7. Tina ref

    I absolutely love fog grey :)

  8. Kim T

    I LOVE the aquamarine!

  9. Laurie P

    either the Jet black or Cayenne red. It’s hard to choose really…. Both would match my bugaboo!

  10. Candace P

    Fog Grey or Green

  11. Karen H

    I would chose the Fog Grey! Then my hubby could carry it!

  12. Karen H

    I would chose Fog Grey! Then my hubby could carry it!

  13. Rochel S

    I like Lotus Blue!

  14. Jeannie

    I would pick fog gray

  15. Lesley

    I love the aquamarine !

  16. Alizee


  17. Brandee

    I would choose black. This would be perfect for my husband. He’s always going out with our son and forgetting everything!!

  18. Monique L. S.

    I would choose the Fog Grey.

  19. MaryAnn

    I would choose Jet Black

  20. Viv Sluys

    I would choose Grey Fog.

  21. I would love love love the aquamarine! But really I would be thankful for any!

  22. Leah B

    The fog grey with the bright orange interior is awesome!

  23. Katherine

    I like the grey!

  24. Shayna Dimmick

    I love the Papyrus!

  25. Amy Lumley

    I love the cayenne red!

  26. Amanda Popik

    I would choose jet black!! Thanks!!

  27. Kate

    Aquamarine to match my indie twin!

  28. BreAnn

    Loving the lotus blue myself!

  29. crystal grissam

    Aquamarine!!!! So pretty :)

  30. Catherine

    My favorite color is green so I would choose Green Papyrus!! But Jet Black would match my stroller. Either color works for me! :-)

  31. Rachel M

    Jet black.

  32. Suzanne

    I’d pick jet black.

  33. Irene K.

    It looks so well organized! I want one!

  34. Patricia

    Lotus Blue!! Beautiful!

  35. Jennie

    Fog gray! So cute

  36. stephanie l

    REDREDRED!!! :)

  37. Erica

    Fog grey looks great!

  38. Jennifer

    I love the green or blue! All great colors!

  39. Erica

    I would choose fog grey! It looks great!

  40. Emily Roemer

    Simple, elegant and functional. So perfect.

  41. Kristin Poch

    Love the lotus pink ltd edition!

  42. Kathleen W

    Fog Grey :)

  43. Emily M.

    Definitely Papyrus Green:)

  44. Emily M.

    Definitely the Papyrus Green:)

  45. N Young

    I would choose fog grey!

  46. jess

    I like aquamarine!

  47. jessica fletcher

    Lotus Blue! Love it!

  48. Jennifer

    I love Bumbleride so much and they have awesome colors. I think I would go with cayenne red to compliment by navy blue Indie Twin!

  49. May

    I would choose Lotus Pink!

  50. Nina

    Jet black to match my Indie Twin!!!

  51. Heather Moore

    Aquamarine caught my eye as did the Cayenne Red!

  52. I would love the green papyrus color! I love this design and straps

  53. Jennifer P.

    So tough to choose, but I’d go with the Fog Grey because I love the orange accent on that one.

  54. I would love either the green papyrus or the lotus blue!

  55. Bons

    I’d choose Jet Black

  56. serena

    Fog grey

  57. eleanor

    I like the Jet Black or Lotus Blue.

  58. betsy

    I would love a lotus blue one!

  59. Claire

    Aquamarine or Jet Black!

  60. Carey

    I like lotus blue.

  61. Jessica

    I love the fog grey! So perfect for my indie!

  62. Jenn S

    probably the Lotus Blue!

  63. Heather Eddy

    Green papyrus!

  64. Alana Nunes

    Lotus Green!! Love it!

  65. Carrie C

    Green papyrus!

  66. Kari

    I would choose the Aquamarine one – so cute!

  67. Erin W

    I really like the fog grey, it would go with everything!

  68. Teresa

    Definitely Fog Grey because of the wonderful pop of orange!

  69. Mims W

    I would pick the Jet Black to match my stroller!

  70. Melanie Ann

    I’m simple (but awesome lol)… love the classic black! Thanks for the chance!

  71. Piroska

    I like the Fog Gray

  72. Tanis

    I’d pick lotus blue!

  73. Britni Bradford


  74. Melanie Morin

    I would pick fog grey

  75. Cassandra Hayes

    I would choose lotus blue. I might have chosen lotus pink if the picture was shown in more detail. It looked orange instead if pink.

  76. danielle t

    Loving the aquamarine

  77. Julie Bolduc

    I like the lotus blue

  78. Ellen Anderson

    Fog Grey for Hubby to carry when he needs a bag for baby!

  79. Raegan Carmichael

    Gotta go for jet black :)

  80. Beth Gallinger

    I would pick Aquamarine.

  81. Nicole B

    fog grey

  82. Anastasia

    I would choose lotus blue to match my stroller :) Yay for bumbleride offering more products!

  83. Melissa Cleaveland

    I love the aquamarine color.

  84. Angela Mitchell

    I’d like the Fog Grey.

  85. Joliane

    I would love to win the aquamarine diaper bag as it would be the perfect match to my Indie! Thanks!!

  86. Masooma

    I would choose the Fog Grey color!

  87. Kate

    We’d chose the lotus blue!!

  88. Tiffany Wilson

    I like the aquamarine color

  89. Karine

    I like the green papyrus one :)

  90. Jessica

    I would choose the Fog Gray

  91. I would choose Fog Grey

  92. Tannis W

    I’d choose aquamarine.

  93. Kess

    I think that Lotus Blue would be a fun color and easy to spot in the mountain of stuff I need to tote around! :)

  94. Fog grey would work with our little one’s stroller / stroller cover…and goes with everything! Great design!

  95. Abby

    Jet black please!

  96. Tori Norris

    aquamarine, so pretty!

  97. Sarah Hayes

    id want fog grey

  98. Christine M

    I would go basic black.

  99. Tara Jensen

    fog grey, then hubs will use it too :D

  100. Teresa Thompson

    Fog Grey.

  101. Jason

    Fog grey is my favourite :)

  102. Bernice

    i would choose jet black

  103. Joanna

    I would choose Fog Grey.

  104. Sabrina Walsh

    I love the aquamarine :)

  105. Sophie Labelle

    I would love the Fog Grey.

  106. I love the Fog Grey and my husband would love it to!

  107. I would love the Fog Grey and so would my husband!

  108. Cassandra Eastman

    I would choose Fog to match my indie!

  109. Corene

    Lotus Blue!

  110. Raechelle Wuolle

    Definitely the Aquamarine– the colour is incredible!

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